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Hueberg Mountainbike Tour Bad Harzburg

Easy mountain bike tour starting in Bad Harzburg and beautiful views of the dark green mountain slopes of the Brocken The tour begins with a longer ascent up to the Kästeklippen area. From there the route leads to the Huneberg quarry. In the active quarry, mainly diabase rock is extracted, which is mainly used for road construction. From the quarry there are several viewpoints with a view up to the massive mountain slopes of the Brocken. The route then crosses the 'Bundesstraße 4' between Bad Harzburg and Torfhaus and then reaches its highest point above the Ecker dam. Now it goes through a varied landscape with several unique views of the Harz foreland downhill through a valley back to Bad Harzburg.

Altitude chart of this mountainbike-route:

Details from the GPS-track:

  • GPS-Track Länge26,3 kilometers
  • GPS-Track Höhenmeter546 vertical metres
  • Tiefster Punkt296m(üNN) lowest point
  • GPS-Track Höchster Punkt666m(üNN) highest peak

File for GPS devices

The route can be downloaded as a .gpx file and transferred to a GPS-enabled device (e.g. Garmin or smartphone). The route starts near a larger parking place. The route is planned so that it can be used all year and in any weather condition. Nevertheless, it can happen that forest work in the forest temporarily closes paths or parts of the route have to be walked. Have fun on the tour!

GPS-Track Download