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Hahnenklee Mountainbike Downhill Bikepark Trail

Mountainbiking in Hahnenklee

Hahnenklee is a village on a high plateau in the Oberharz and is part of the larger city of Goslar. Hahnenklee can be highly recommended for mountainbikers because there is a bikepark, hotels for mountainbikers and almost ideal conditions as a tour starting point. Mountainbike tours can be started in all directions with ascent, flat section or descent. The peaceful surroundings offer varied trails, a diverse network of paths and over 100 ponds and ditches around the historic UNESCO World Heritage of the 'Oberharzer Wasserregal'. Nearby places like Clausthal-Zellerfeld or Goslar offer many restaurants, good shopping opportunities and the town itself has several bike rental stations. The landscape around Hahnenklee is characterized by peaks of the Oberharz such as the Bocksberg, a lot of spruce forest and steep valleys.

Mountainbike routes Hahnenklee (GPS-tracks)

The following mountainbike tours start in Hahnenklee. After you have chosen a blue, red or black MTB tour, you will find all the informations about the route: Description of the tour, pictures, tour data, starting point, parking options and altitude profile. All mountainbike routes in Harz are available as a free GPS track.