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Fritz Geers Sponsor Partner Ultracycling

Partner & Cycling-Sponsors of Fritz Geers

Many ultracycling races, keynotes, guided mountainbike tours, articles on the internet, films, media reports and sporting success would not be possible without these partners and cycling-sponsors:

Partner Klausis Lackierstube

Klausis Autovermietung

Since 2016 the car rental from the Harz region has been providing support vehicles for many ultracycling races. The 'Klausi's' team specializes primarily in painting cars. The employees do many creative tasks in their craft and have therefore already painted several bicycle frames in a custom design since the beginning of the partnership.

Partner Veltec Wheels

Veltec Wheels

The company Veltec Wheels from Germany has been a partner of Fritz Geers since 2019. The wheelsets show particular stability in unpredictable construction site rides during ultra-cycling races. Fritz recommends the wheelsets because they roll well, look professional and have an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Partner VGH Reinhold Hasse

VGH Versicherung Reinhold Hasse

Reinhold Hasse's insurance office in the Harz has been a partner of Fritz Geers since 2017. A 'tailor-made' solution is the cornerstone of ensuring, that the athlete does not have to worry about insurance while mountainbike guiding and ultra-cycling. This is made possible by the flexible products of the 'VGH Versicherung' and the competence of the personal contact person on site.

Partner Offenes MRT Goslar

Radiologie am Klubgarten

In the ultracycling race, the enormous physical strain can lead to medical problems: The open MRI in Goslar at the Harz gives appointments to private patients particularly quickly and it is possible to get a picture of the inside of the body immediately after the ultracycling race took place. The recommendations in the network of Dr. Henning Borchert have been helping to solve the often complex medical problems associated with ultracycling since 2016.


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Fritz Geers

This is what "Fritz Geers - Ultrasportler" stands for:


We develop standards in the team for sport projects. As long as we move within the set tolerances as best as we can in the ultra cycling race, we are able to deliver good results. Sports success is not a stroke of luck, but the result of years of hard work. In the background of the race preparation, we go through the entire race with meticulous accuracy and try to identify any defects or errors in the processes, learn from mistakes and prevent them in the next race. In this way we manage to make the right decisions despite great sporting challenges and can push the limits of athletic performance higher and higher.


As an athlete, it is important to constantly practice self-discipline and resilience. The personality of an athlete is not only seen through his athletic performance, but rather seen through his sustainable behavior. This includes meeting the achievements of others with respect and attention, staying down to earth and sharing your passion for sport. It is a great honor to be able to practice sport on a professional level. It is important to communicate the resulting positive energy and to take advantage of the optimism. This can happen if a team, partners and the public are involved in the sport projects on a long-term and sustainable basis.


During an ultracycling race, the team manages to entertain fans on social media, communicate the brand names of the partners and create inspiration. In addition, it is important to use additional resources so that a partnership generates value. The intersections between the insights gained from the ultra-cycling race and specific business challenges can e.g. are developed and shared with employees in keynote speeches. It is important as an athlete to embody positive values and to be in the media - Fritz Geers actively contributes to this as long as he offers local mountainbike guiding in the Harz region, the plastic-free packaged sports muesli Mueslay® and other activities.