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Terms of Service

Scope of application

The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings of guided mountain bike tours, mountain bike driving technique training courses, mountain bike camps, personal training courses and lectures by consumers and entrepreneurs. If the entrepreneur uses conflicting or supplementary general terms and conditions, their validity is hereby rejected; they only become part of the contract if we have expressly consented to this.


A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that can predominantly neither be attributed to their commercial nor their independent professional activity.

An entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a legal partnership who, when concluding a legal transaction, acts in the exercise of their commercial or independent professional activity.

Tour guides are named guides in the following. A guide follows the tourist approach of organizing and leading a group of people on outdoor mountain bike tours.

Guided mountain bike tours, mountain bike driving technique trainings, mountain bike camps, personal trainings and lectures are named guiding events in the following.

Subject matter and conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded with Fritz Geers - Ultrasportler. When guiding events are published on our website, an offer is made. The offers presented on our website are no binding offers. The opportunity to stop for lunch can be offered during guiding events. The prices for the stop are not included in the prices offered (self paying).

You can first request guiding events without obligation using the linked contact form and specify the essential features of your request using the fields provided. After submitting the form, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail confirming receipt of your request. This does not result in a contract.

If we follow up your request, we will send you an email with further questions about the preparation of the offer. First of all, you can then correct your request and continue specifying it by informing us of your wishes by email. You will then receive a binding offer by email.

The contract is concluded when you confirm this offer by email. After receiving your confirmation, you will receive another confirmation from us by email. We would like to point out that data communication via the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be error-free and / or at any time according to the current state of the art.

Contract language

The languages available for the conclusion of the contract are German and English. You can view the terms and conditions here on this page at any time or request them from us by email if temporary availability on the Internet cannot be guaranteed due to technical errors.


The guiding offer has to be paid in cash before the guiding event take place or the amount has to be transferred due to 14 days after receiving an invoice via (bank-)transfer to the account details given on the invoice.


Booked guiding events take place outside in nature in the specified period regardless of the weather. A cancellation is only possible after a mutual agreement.

Booked guiding events must be canceled at least 14 days in advance if the consumer or entrepreneur is unable to attend, otherwise there is an obligation to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the price offered.

If a guiding event is due to force majeure, e.g. in the event of natural disasters, especially storms, earthquakes, floods, as well as being endangered or made impossible by official measures or security risks, this can be terminated prematurely.

The guide is entitled at any time, even at short notice, to cancel the guiding event without giving reasons and to exclude participants from participating in the guiding event. In the event of exclusion after the start of the guiding event, the right to a refund of the price is excluded. If, after the start of the guiding event, you do not use individual services that were properly offered to you as a result of the event being canceled prematurely or for other compelling reasons, there is no entitlement to a proportional reimbursement.

Conditions of participation in guiding events

Participants in guiding events know that mountain biking is a dangerous sport that carries a high risk of injury. Participation in a guiding event is at your own risk and the instructions of the guide are to be followed in your own interest. It is only possible to point out to the guide foreseeable dangers, but not possible to warn of every unforeseeable danger and danger point. A always foresighted, controlled and considerate driving style, which is within the scope of one's own assessment of abilities and skills, is therefore a prerequisite for the avoidance of crashes and for a timely reaction to possible dangers on the part of the participants. Participants are encouraged to inform the guide of any misjudgments about the choice of route and skills so that the guide can react accordingly.

Only those who are fully fit to drive can take part in a guiding event. Any impairment of the ability to drive, in particular through alcohol, drugs or medication, leads to the exclusion from the guiding event. Intoxicants such as In addition, alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the guiding event.

During a guiding event, the participants are obliged to wear a bicycle helmet and, depending on the weather, to wear appropriate clothing and, if necessary, appropriate protective equipment. Each participant is responsible for their own personal equipment. Participants in guiding events are responsible for providing sufficient food and drinks.

Despite the professional and safe execution of the guiding events, accidents cannot be ruled out. By booking a guiding event, participants assure that they are in possession of a valid accident and liability insurance policy at the time of the event and that they will only start the tour if they feel well prepared for the requirements specified in the tour briefing, in particular if they are in an adequate state of training and health have. Participants in guiding events are encouraged to avoid overloading and to cancel the guiding event in good time if health problems arise.

In the presence of diabetes, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy as well as problems in the joint, muscular and musculoskeletal system as a whole, pathological obesity or other health problems and previous illnesses, participation in guiding events is only permitted after consultation with and possible through a certificate from the attending physician.

A technically fit mountain bike and sufficient breakdown equipment are required for participation in a guiding event. Each participant is responsible for their own personal equipment. The guide is not obliged to provide technical support to participants in the event of a breakdown. If a return transport of the participant is necessary or if the guiding event cannot be ended due to unforeseeable mishaps, crashes or exhaustion, any necessary return transport must be carried out at the participant's own risk and expense. Any damage or loss of your own or rented mountain bikes and equipment during the guiding event must be reported to the guide immediately.

Duty of supervision

In the case of guiding events with youth groups or with people under the age of 18, the duty of supervision for minors remains with the parents or teachers, youth leaders or other supervising adults. For guiding events, young people under the age of 18 require written permission or the company of an adult supervisor.


We try to keep the descriptions of the guiding events up to date. Nevertheless, all images, descriptions and videos are to be seen as examples. The actual implementation of the guiding event may differ in details from the pictures, videos and descriptions.

Final provisions

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or contradict the statutory provisions, this shall not affect the rest of the contract. The ineffective provision will be mutually replaced by the contracting parties with a legally effective provision that comes as close as possible to the economic sense and purpose of the ineffective provision. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Mandatory provisions of the state in which you have your habitual residence remain unaffected. For contracts in which a consumer is not involved, the place of performance is the registered office of the entrepreneur. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Clausthal-Zellerfeld, provided you are a businessman or a legal entity under public law.