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The team around extreme cyclist Fritz Geers is getting better after a successful Race across Germany 2017: The 3,250 kilometer Race around Germany is set to be the cycling highlight in 2017. At the end of August, the ultra-distance-race starts in Chemnitz and leads once around the country along the external borders of Germany. The specialty of this ultracycling race is that there is no direct competition and the starting location and time can be freely selected. As with most ultra-bike races, the race is monitored by GPS tracking and regular communication with the race organizer.

Fritz finds it difficult to get into the race and on the first night it looks like the team has to cancel the project. The young extreme athlete is lying on the ditch with severe stomach cramps and the team has to improvise the entire nutritional strategy from scratch. A short time later things are getting better and better and Fritz is gaining speed every day. After overcoming the undulating route profile of southern Germany, the team meets many fans who have come to the route from far away.

A few kilometers after the northernmost point of the route, the team decides to attack the track-record, which at this time is 07d:23h:30min. A fight against the clock begins with a severe lack of sleep and severe hallucinations. Fritz reached the finish in Chemnitz after 7 days, 16 hours and 57 minutes with a new course record, the record of the youngest finisher and the first joint finisher of the Race across Germany and the Race around Germany within one year. A big thank you goes to all sponsors who believed in the success of the project.