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Styrkeprøven is Norwegian and means something like The Great Trial of Strength. Styrkeprøven is very well known in Norway (more than 9,000 starters in 2009) and is held annually on the summer solstice. There are usually large teams at the start, as unlike other ultracycling races, driving in a group is permitted. The 542-kilometer route leads from northern Trondheim across Norway to the capital Oslo. The race is often accompanied by rainy weather and is known for the cold temperatures in the longest descent from the Dovrefjell plateau.

In 2014, Fritz Geers started a crowdfunding project on the Internet to find supporters who would like to participate again 2013 in the race in Norway. The support is great and an accompanying team can be found quickly. For the 18-year-old athlete, the project is not only a great financial and sporting challenge, but also an adventurous journey into the unknown.

In the race, Fritz can be less happy about good weather because he spent months training has prepared bad weather. Nevertheless, he improved his time by more than an hour from 18h: 12min to 16h: 42min compared to the previous year and won the junior category again and is the fastest German. A big thank you goes to all supporters and sponsors!