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In 2018, Fritz Geers rides the 4,711-kilometer Race across Europe - one of the longest ultra-cycle races in Europe. The route with an around 52,000 vertivcal meters starts in the French coastal town of Boulogne sur Mer heading east with the words of the organizer: "I made the route a little bit harder than the Race across America track". It leads to Slovenia, crosses the Alps twice and the Pyrenees once. The goal is at Europe Point in Gibraltar, which Fritz reached after more than 12 days non-stop in the ultra-bike race with a new course record as the winner and with the record of the youngest finisher of the race.

The race demands everything from the team: During humid temperatures in the first few days, they had a difficult start, followed by rain and thunderstorms in the hilly parts of France and Germany. The first crossing of the Alps goes without any further problems, with a strong loss of reality for Fritz, before the team struggles through Italian heavy traffic for days. Towards the middle of the race, two of the six team members fell ill and had to leave the team. Fritz fights his way through the Spanish plateaus under bitter heat and the team reaches its limits several times before reaching Gibraltar after many defects.

This film shows the highlights of an unforgettable trip. Despite the tough race, we were able to capture many moments with the camera. Among other things, the crossing of the Turracherhöhe (1763m) in Austria, the Vrsic Pass (1611m) in Slovenia, the Colle dell'Agnello (2744m) on the border between Italy and France and the Col d'Ares (1513m) on the border between France and Spain. Scenes from Mont Ventoux (1912m) in France and the days of fighting in the Spanish desert regions are missing.