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Mtb Harz Guiding Fritz Geers

Guided mountainbike tours in the Harz mountains (MTB i Harzen)

Fritz Geers offers unforgettable insights on guided mountainbike tours in the Harz Mountains and shows you the world of the most beautiful trails in the Oberharz area. Many years of experience as a mountainbike guide, the individual planning of each tour and the experience from hundreds of thousands of kilometers of training in the dark green forests of the Harz Mountains make the young extreme-sports athlete one of the best MTB guides and locals in the Harz Mountains. The Harz mountainbike region offers an infinite number of trails, MTB hotels and the peace and calm you need to escape from everyday life on a guided MTB tour.

Mountainbike Trail Tours into Harz Mountains (Germany)

The Harz is the northernmost low mountain range in Germany. The landscape is characterized by extensive forests, deeply cut valleys with waterfalls as well as ditches, ponds and reservoirs. In many places there are not only rooted trails but also evidence of historical mining (Unesco world cultural heritage). Good starting points for MTB tours in the Harz are e.g. Hahnenklee, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Goslar, Bad Harzburg and St. Andreasberg. The most popular hotels for mountainbikers are in Braunlage. Schulenberg is an insider tip for a mountainbike holiday!

Exploring the Harz by MTB often means facing an infinite number of route options and missing out the most beautiful views. A mountainbike guide can therefore be recommended to everyone who can no longer see the forest because of the signs of the Volksbank-Arena Harz and just wants to ride a bike. Fritz Geers offers guided mountainbike tours, (basic-)mountainbike-technique courses, personal trainings or group tours in the Harz Mountains.

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Fritz Geers - Mountainbike-Guide in the Harz Mountains

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What makes up a good guide?

A good mountainbike guide knows the best trails. An excellent MTB guide has the ability to combine the paths and trails in such a way that a tour is created with a flow that is second to none. Every group is different and as individual as the demands of the groups, good tours have to be planned just as individually. Mountainbike guiding does not just mean knowing one way, but always looking for the best way.

What means mountainbiking?

Basically, mountainbiking is about challenging the body, gaining control over speed and switching off in the forest. With the right nutrition in combination with a sophisticated training, a great increase in performance can be achieved. But it's not always about pushing the body to its limits - it's also about allowing the mind to relax.

What is mountainbike guiding about?

Fritz Geers - Guiding is about escaping everyday life, finding new paths to happiness and working enthusiastically on optimizing skills. It's about exploring the past of the Harz, climbing climbs and rewarding yourself with a view. Unlike in a competition, the slowest one sets the pace and the "social factor" is the focus. During breaks, historical mining in the Harz Mountains or ultracycling are often a central topic of conversation.

When does driving-technique-training make sense when guiding?

Riding-technique does not have to be part of a guided mountainbike tour - but it can if there is demand. Driving-technique tips can basically be built into every tour. For a driving-technique course, however, it is advisable to set aside a whole day. In principle, only tips are passed on that experience has shown to be effective.

What makes Fritz Geers special as a guide?

In addition to several certified guide apprentieships, Fritz has years of experience in ultracycling (European Ultracycling Champion 2018), a German championship-title in 24-hour mountainbiking and many years of training and competition experience. BIKE magazine once called him "Germany's best 24h mountainbiker". Due to the multiple participation in brevets, he is very familiar with maps and GPS-technology. In the Oberharz he trains several times a week on his mountain bike and is always researching new routes. Fritz inherited his interest in mining in the Harz Mountains from his grandfather, he taught himself how to screw things up on bicycles.

How does the booking work?

In the booking form it is possible to book Fritz Geers as a competent mountain bike guide and to provide a lot of details on skills, wishes and general planning for the mountainbike tour in the Harz Mountains. Each tour is planned individually. Further details can be found in the special booking form for mountain bike tours.

Mountainbike Guide Harz

Guided MTB-tour - Specific offer

For larger groups in particular, it makes sense to book an experienced mountainbike guide for a successful mountainbike tour. A good guide ensures that the MTB-tour will be an unforgettable experience and will be remembered well:

  • Route planning

    Route planning

    Individually adapted route planning for every fitness and riding technique Level

  • Trail Guarantee

    Trail Guarantee

    Many options for beautiful and hidden trails during the guided tour

  • Fahrtechnik Tipps

    Driving technique tips

    During the tour there are driving technique tips, e.g. Learning to ride switchbacks

  • Certified Guide

    Certified Guide

    Guide apprenticeship and regular outdoor first aid courses

  • Local Knowledge

    Local Knowledge

    Frequent trail-checks about the current state of the trails

  • German English

    English & German

    Insider information about the area in German and English

  • Repair Knowledge

    Repair Knowledge

    In case of a breakdown, some tools, a first aid kit and expertise for it are with you

  • Bike rental

    Bike rental

    Mountainbikes can be rented from a partner on request (hardtail, full-suspension or ebikes)

  • Hazard warning

    Hazard warning

    Warning in front of difficult sections from hazards detected during regular trail-checks

Pricing for individual MTB guiding in the Harz mountains

The following price calculator creates individual offers for mountainbike courses, group tours or multi-day tours. In order to make the prices as fair as possible for everyone, the price varies depending on the size of the group, the starting point and the type of tour. Additional discount can be given depending on the amount of preparation and current demand. After an inquiry we will send you a fixed, written offer to reservate the dates.

Price-calculator (configurate program day by day):

Inquire and get a fixed offer

Gift voucher for a Mountainbike-Tour or MTB-Course

  • All offers can be individualized on request and then given away with a voucher burned into wood for a birthday, christmas or other occasions. On the right side, the wooden gift-voucher can be individualized with a waterproof felt pen. A tour or the a course will then take place on a free date by arrangement or the voucher can be given away as a value voucher for a special experience in the Harz Mountains. To purchase the voucher, please simply select the "Gift Voucher" option at the inquiry-form.

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Frequently asked questions:

How does the booking work?

After you have answered all questions in the inquiry form you will be contacted, find out everything else and can discuss individual requests personally.

Is there a bike rental service in the Harz Mountains?

Yes. Mountainbikes, e-bikes or fatbikes can be borrowed (even beyond the tour). A rental offered through a partner can be offered. Together with a corresponding individual recommendation, you will receive a link under which it is possible to reservate mountainbikes in the appropriate size online.

Is it possible to give away a tour with a gift voucher?

Yes. In the inquiry form there is the option "gift voucher". Please leave a short message about who the gift voucher should be for and (if known) when the tour should take place. The voucher can be sent to you by post-mailing. A more detailed arrangement is best made by phone or email. It is e.g. possible to give away the voucher in connection with a package of sports muesli Mueslay®.

Do tours also take place in bad weather conditions?

Mountainbiking is an outdoor sport that can be great fun even in the rain! The tours take place in any case. Please bring weatherproof (bike-)clothing.

Which equipment is recommended for a guided mountainbike tour?

Helmets are compulsory on the tour and a suitable mountainbike is required. Something to drink and money for a lunch-stop in a forest restaurant are recommended. To have fun, it is also advisable to wear cycling glasses and cycling gloves. Bike clothing and bike shoes make you look good, of course, but a bike can also be ridden with normal sportswear. Bars or snacks can give you extra energy.

Where are possible starting points?

The best possible starting point is in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Other possible starting points are in the area: Hahnenklee, Torfhaus, Bad Harzburg, Goslar, Altenau, Schulenberg, Wildemann, Lautenthal, Braunlage, Osterode, Lerbach, Bad Sachsa, Herzberg, Bad Lauterberg and more. Tours start at an individual starting point by arrangement.

Is it possible to join another group?

Fritz Geers does not guide mixed groups, but it is possible to book an individual course (even over several days).

How many breaks are there during the tour?

Normally there is one longer lunch break with a stop at a forest restaurant and enough short breaks during the tour. Individual extra loops or options to shorten the route are usually possible.

What is the minimum age to participate?

In principle, participation in MTB tours is possible from the age of 12. For legal reasons, young people under the age of 18 require written permission or the company of their parents.

Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Yes. Of course, it is possible to receive an invoice for the guided mountainbike tour in the Harz Mountains.

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